Women changing the face of the Health sector in India


Even with many female specialists, healthcare remains to be a highly male dominated sector in India. However, few women have managed to break barriers and are succeeding in different sectors of medicine. Here are a few of them:


Dr B R Lakshmi

A recipient of the Young Woman Scientist Award by the Talwar Research Foundation, Dr. Lakshmi, is the Director and Founder of MDCRC (Molecular Diagnostics, Counseling, Care and Research Center) and has notable achievements in the field of Biotechnology.


Dr Kamini Rao

Serving women with fertility issues, Dr. Rao has contributed a lot to the field of gynecology. The chairperson and medical director of BACC (Bangalore Assisted Conception Center), Dr Kamini set up the first semen bank in South India. She is also responsible for India’s first SIFT baby.


Dr Sunita Maheshwari

Along with being a pediatric cardiologist, she is also a major healthcare innovator. After graduating from Yale, Maheshwari decided to come back to India to serve the people here.  The co-founder of Teleradiology solutions, a healthcare outsourcing company, was also listed amongst the top 20 women achievers in healthcare in the year 2009.


[Picture Courtesy: The health site]

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

One of the top women entrepreneurs in the country, Shaw is the Managing Director and chairperson of Biocon Limited. Owning the 20th leading biotechnology company in the world, she has been honoured with the Padmashree and the Padmabhushan award.


Paushali Bal

A recipient of the Shanti Sawarup Bhatnagar prize, Bal strongly believes there should be more women in the health sector. She is a research scientist at the National Institute of Cholera and Enteric diseases and has been highly acknowledged by the government for her research work.


Sangita Reddy

Being the executive director-operations at Apollo Hospitals and the head of Apollo Philanthropy, Reddy also heads initiatives like SAHI( Save a Child’s Heart Initiative), CURE and Billions Hearts Beating Foundation –all of which have had a huge impact on the growth of health sector in India.