Women candidates from Kashmir hope to bring a positive change

There has been a drastic change in the political air of Jammu and Kashmir. This time three women, and that too from the Bhartiya Janta Party, which is considered to be conservative in its approach; are seen campaigning door to door for the upcoming polls. Darakhshan Andrabi, will be seen standing head to head with the current Chief Minister Omar Abdullah; Dr. Hina Bhatt will be seen fighting from Amira Kadal and Neelam Gash from Zadibal Assembly constituency.


Confident about her chances to win, Andrabi told Times of India: “Omar is no competition. NC and PDP have sold our blood. Congress practises a use-and-throw policy with Muslims. Kashmiri youth want a change from badshahi khandaani politics. BJP is the party of change.” She also states that the recent floods have set Kashmir back by a 100 years and it was not the current government but the Army that helped the locals.


[Picture Courtesy: Darakhshan 786]

About being a part of the conservative BJP, she says, “I’m a true Muslim. Islam has taught me humanism and secularism. If I was an opportunist I’d have joined PDP. I’ll never leave BJP. BJP meri ma hai.” Neelam Gash has similar views. She states that the alcohol ban and the measures ensuring safety for women in Gujarat have impressed her, which is why she wants to see BJP in Kashmir.


These women are continuously campaigning in the face of danger. Andrabi reveals that contesting elections from the party, she is risking her life every day. She says, “The government treats us like untouchables. Barring two PSOs we’ve no protection,” adding that her parents worry for her constantly.