Annoyed By The Sound, German Woman Turns Off Roommate’s Ventilator

The 72-year-old woman in Germany had turned off her roommate's ventilator not once but twice because the sound of the machine annoyed her.

Bhana Bisht
Dec 02, 2022 07:20 IST
Woman Turns Off Roommate's Ventilator
If there's an incident that can be called both insensitive and unnatural at the same time, it will be the one that recently occurred in Germany. An elderly German woman who was at a hospital in the city of Mannheim was accused of attempted manslaughter after she turned off her roommate's ventilator.

The hospitalised woman was annoyed by her roommate's, a fellow patient's ventilator sound, and decided to switch it off to be at peace. Her roommate, who is 79 years old, went through hell after she was unplugged from the ventilator; luckily, the doctors revised her in time.

The 72-year-old woman in Germany turned off her roommate's ventilator not once but twice because the sound of the machine annoyed her, and she took the step to get rid of the irritation.

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Woman Turns Off Roommate's Ventilator

According to the joint press release that the Mannheim public prosecutor’s office and police published, the woman had switched off her roommate’s ventilator at around 8 pm first because she was highly disturbed by the nose that the oxygen device was generating.

The statement mentioned how the doctors and hospital staff informed her very specifically post that first incident that oxygen is the most significant factor required to keep the patient alive and that she should not do it again.

The staff put the ventilator back on and left. However, the woman did not feel the need to wholly grasp the critical situation and switched off the ventilator again at around 9 pm.

The staff rushed to the 79-year-old patient's aid and while she was not in danger, she had to be revised and put in the intensive care unit.

Soon after, the hospital staff informed the police and necessary authorities. The 72-year-old suspect was presented before a judge after that and was sent to jail. Further investigations into the case are currently underway.

The woman is under custody on account of attempted manslaughter. While several people are debating over the fact that the staff should have been present in the room after the ventilator was switched off the first time, the staff has not made a statement in the public yet. With investigations underway, more details on the case are awaited.

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