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A woman from Ferozepur, Punjab, was sold as a sex slave in Oman. The 39-year-old also claimed that there were around 30 more women from the state who were trapped there.


What happened?

She said she was sent by a travel agent to Dubai in April to work as a domestic help, reported HT.

The woman, who was rescued from Oman and returned last month, met Amritsar Congress MP Gurjit Singh Aujla on Wednesday. While talking to HT, she revealed that the other 30 women are being forced to work as prostitutes. She asked the MP to intervene in the matter.

The woman also added that there are about 200 women from different countries who are being forced to work as sex slaves. Their passports have been taken by the sheikhs, making it extremely difficult for them to return.

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She also said that she is going to meet External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and ask her to save the Punjab women from Oman.


The woman's story

She disclosed, “I met travel agent Rahul in February through one Paramjit Kaur of Ferozepur at Alpha One mall in Amritsar. The agent promised me to get the job of domestic worker with a salary of Rs 30,000 per month in Dubai. For this, he took Rs 55,000 from me. On April 9, I went to Dubai, but from there I was sold to a sheikh in Oman, where dozens of women from Punjab were already living as sex slaves.”

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“On May 5, I somehow, managed to flee from the sheikh’s custody and reached Indian embassy in Dubai. I then contacted my husband, who approached MP Aujla for my repatriation. With the efforts of the MP, I came back to India,” she added.

The woman also revealed, “A girl of Amritsar was also rescued along with me. She is in a shock and not coming out of her home as the sheikhs in Oman had made her sex videos.”

The revelations


According to her, travel agents in Punjab are running this racket in collaboration with the agents of Dubai. Around two to three girls are sent to Dubai on a daily basis.

MP Aujla said, “Strict action will be taken against those travel agents who are duping poor women from Punjab on the pretext of providing them jobs.”

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