Quick Reads: UK Woman Slips Into Coma After COVID-19 Vaccine And More

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It’s easy to miss some important news in the hectic daily schedule, so we have compiled a list of recent women-centric news you may have missed.

In the latest news, a woman from the United Kingdom alleged that she slipped into a coma after she received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Here are some quick reads that will keep you up to date.

Quick Reads

UK Woman Slips Into Coma After COVID-19 Vaccine

A woman from the United Kingdom alleged that after she received AstraZeneca, the vaccine against COVID-19, she slipped into a coma for four days and was later diagnosed with a rare disorder.

The 46-year-old Sarah Birch is a cheese shop worker and a mother of two. She said that she received the COVID-19 vaccine in May 2021, and began experiencing mild symptoms such as backache, dizziness, and tingling in her toes and tongue.

Birch alleged that she collapsed and was hospitalised and put on a ventilator. Following that, she was diagnosed with a disorder which attacks her immune system and spread over her body, paralysing her.

She has filed a complaint against the government’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme and an independent probe is being conducted.

UP Woman Thought To Be Dead Found Alive And Married

An Uttar Pradesh woman declared dead 7 years ago was found alive and married while a man was serving jail terms for “murdering her”.

The man, Vishnu, was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for the alleged murder. He had been wrongly accused of kidnapping and killing the woman when she was a teenager.

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Korean Woman’s Harassers Granted Bail

Last week, a Korean woman was harassed by two men while she was live streaming. The woman, Hyojeong Park was walking in the Khar area of Mumbai and a youth attempted to come close to her and tried to pull her by her hand as Park protested.

Park walked away but the man appeared on the motorcycle with a friend and offered her a life, which she refused. The police filed a charge sheet against the accused and were sent to judicial custody.

The accused, Mobin Chand Mohammad Shaikh, 19, and Mohammad Nakib Sadrealam Ansir, 21, were released from judicial custody.

Delhi High Court Allows Woman To Terminate 33-Week Pregnancy

On December 6, the Delhi High Court allowed a woman to terminate her 33-week pregnancy. The court observed that the “ultimate decision” in matters of abortion ought to recognise a woman’s choice.

Justice Pratibha M Singh permitted the woman, whose foetus suffered from cerebral abnormalities to medically terminate her pregnancy.

Indonesia Approves Criminal Code Banning Sex Outside Of Marriage

The Indonesian parliament approved a new criminal code which will make sex outside of marriage, such as pre-marital sex illegal. Same-sex couples who cannot legally get married are at an additional risk of prosecution and rights groups feel that the criminal code will suppress political expression and clamp down on religious freedom.

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