A woman was blatantly assaulted on live television on a French TV game show called 35HoursOfBaba. Yes, it happened in a developed country with so-called literates on the show. The show was making a parody of the Kim Kardashian robbery case in Paris. Anchor, Cyril Hanouna, also wanted to break the national record of staying on air for the longest with 35 hours of the show.

For the parody, a bathtub setting inside an apartment was created where Soraya plays Kim and show panellist, Jean-Michel Maire, plays the role of a locksmith who frees her after she is tied to the bathtub.

As the play gets over, Hanouna puts Soraya in an awkward position by asking her to ‘reward’ Marie with a victory kiss as he saved her. As anyone would not want to kiss a man after a made-up rescue skit, Soraya refused to kiss, not just once or twice but several times.

Rebuffed, Marie refused to take Soraya’s denial and went ahead to kiss her on the cheek but as Soraya moved her face; he ended up kissing on her breast. Kid you not, this happened on live television in front of lakhs of viewers, some of whom were present in the audience who just burst into laughter as could be made out from a video of the whole incident that has gone viral.

The video was put up on Oct 16 and has garnered over a lakh views in just a day and a half. The incident was condemned on social media and complaints against the panellist were lodged at the Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA), the government regulator of radio and television in France.


After the incident, Hanouna asked Marie to apologise, but what Marie had done was in full consciousness of the situation so an apology will not make a difference. No one from the channel- C8 or the show has commented on the incident.

The French law punishes a sexual assault perpetrator with five years of jail and €75,000 fine. But right now we cannot even say whether Marie will be prosecuted or not.

Picture credit- The Sun