Air India Woman Pilot Accuses A Senior Captain Of Sexual Harassment

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In yet another case of sexual harassment, a woman Air India pilot has allegedly accused a senior captain of harassment. The airline has set up an enquiry for the same after the woman reported the matter. The Air India spokesperson has said that the enquiry was set up after the woman pilot reported that the captain asked her some inappropriate questions. The spokesperson issued a statement saying, “Air India has set up an enquiry against its senior captain on sexual harassment case after receiving a complaint from a woman pilot.” The woman pilot was being trained under the captain she has filed this report against.

Asked “If I Didn’t Need To Have Sex Everyday”

According to Times of India, the woman in her complaint said, “The instructor reportedly suggested the two to have dinner at a city restaurant in Hyderabad on May 5 after the training session was over. I agreed as I had done a few flights with him and he seemed decent. We went to a restaurant at around 8 pm and this is where my ordeal started. He started with telling me how depressed and unhappy he was in his married life. He also asked me how I coped with my husband living away and whether I didn’t need to have sex every day… At some point, I told him I did not want to talk about all this and called a cab.”

He Continued Threaten Even After She Left The Hotel

The woman in her complaint said that even after she left the hotel, the senior captain kept on texting her. She ignored him initially but the man kept on messaging her. When the woman pilot did not respond, he threatened to come to her room.

The written complaint also talks about how the captain’s behaviour worsened while she was waiting for cab. “In the half-hour wait for the cab, his behaviour worsened. All this happened without any prompting or encouragement from me. I was left shocked at his behaviour and felt extremely uncomfortable, scared and humiliated.” she adds in the report.

When he threatened to come to her room, she then responded by texting back. “I then texted him and told him how disturbed I was with his behaviour, to which he replied that he was only providing me with options. There are other two who would force themselves on women.” reads the complaint.

This Isn’t The First Time!

This is not the first time that an AI senior has been accused of sexual harassment. In May 2018, an Air India hostess had accused an AI senior of sexual harassment for the last 6 years. The woman had written to Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the same and demanded justice. In the letter, the victim mentioned how she had reported this matter to the airline but the management refused to deal with the matter.

“This senior executive is a predator and has sexually propositioned me, abused me, used abusive language on other women in my presence in the office premises and he has tried to compel women in his office (including me) to come and drink with him at various bars, and many of us have been forced to do so. There are many people who can bear witness to these things,” she said in her letter to the minister.

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