Woman Marries Terminally-ill Best Friend. The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

When Kerry Kenworthy was first diagnosed with cancer in September 2021, she did not want to die without a wedding day. Hence, her best friend stepped in to fulfil her wish.

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Woman Marries Terminally-ill Friend
Friendships are amazing! You require just one friend who can be there for you irrespective of circumstances. That is what Sian Higgins has been for Kerry Kenworthy. Higgins came forward to fulfil her best friend Kenworthy's dying wish.

Woman Marries Terminally-ill Friend

Kerry Kenworthy didn't want to die without having a wedding day. Kenworthy, 34, is a single mother and developmental psychologist. She was first diagnosed with cancer in September 2021. However, in November 2022, she relapsed and found out cancer had spread to her spine with no treatment options left, leaving her only 12-18 months to live. She shared it with her friend Higgins and confessed how upsetting it is to leave her children behind and never get to wear a wedding dress.

The next day Sian Higgins proposed to her best pal of 10 years, and both decided on planning a wedding. The 29-year-old is a teacher by profession. She even threw a hen party before the big day. On February 14, the two friends took the vows and officially got married with all their five children attending the ceremony.

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Kenworthy, in a report, expressed her feeling about being married. According to her, it was a magical experience to walk down the aisle, and she couldn't be less grateful. She felt happy and appreciated everyone that helped out setting up a wedding. She also confessed about leaving her daughters behind - death doesn't scare her but leaving daughters behind does.

Higgins is a teacher by profession and already has a husband. According to her, she did not want Kenworthy to miss a fun part of life, which is why she decided to fulfil her wish. She also promised to take care of her children when she is gone. Higgins also confessed- it is weird to get married when you are already married, but friendship is more important.

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