Woman Makes Harasser Give Away Rs 25,000 In Charity

A Kerala woman not only forced a person harassing her on the backfoot, but also made him donate Rs 25,000 in charity!

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Kerala woman made harassers donate money

When sexist comments roll on too hard, some women not only shut them down but also force them to compensate for what they did wrong. A woman from Kerala showed us the perfect way of avenging ourselves from online harassment.


Sreelakshmi Satheesh, CEO of an educational consultancy firm in Kerala and a motivational speaker, did not let herself become a victim, instead she made the harasser donate Rs 25,000.

Awesome isn’t it?

A few days back, Sreelakshmi got an unknown call asking her the exact questions - “When can I meet you? What is your rate” and “Will Rs 3,000 do? Shall I book a hotel room?” says an India Today report.

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The harassment did not stop there. At times, when she got really fed up of the random calls and tried to avoid taking the calls, she received text messages asking for ’sexual favours'. She switched off her mobile and "the rate" by that time had reached to Rs 25,000.

Deciding not to feel victimized by this kind of behaviour, Sreelakshmi knew she to take action. After turning her phone on, she dialled the harasser’s number. The pervert was happy receiving her call. When she threatened to file a case unless he revealed how he got her number, he spilled the beans.


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Sreelakshmi learnt that a man had posted her phone number on a Whatsapp group, referring to her as a "super item". This was someone she was familiar with who appeared to be a decent man whenever she interacted with him. The man is the regional secretary of the youth wing of a national party. Sreelakshmi then did not waste a minute and decided to file a police case.

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When the party workers got to know about Sreelakshmi’s plans, they began calling her and begging to settle the matter outside the court.

Sreelakshmi demanded the man’s expulsion from the party and proposed a party meeting. But instead of meeting them the next day, Sreelakshmi filed an FIR.

Even the man’s father went to Sreelakshmi, pleading that she not to file a complaint against his son. That’s when a killer idea came to Sreelakshmi’s mind and she gave the father an  option -- that his son donate Rs 25,000 to any charitable organisation and produce the bill as proof.


The man donated and sent the receipt as proof to her.

Kerala woman made harassers donate money Kerala woman made harassers donate money

Later Sreelakshmi posted the entire upsetting drama in a Facebook post; it soon went viral with over 1,317 shares, 1,200 comments and 4,500 likes.

Kerala woman made harassers donate moneyKerala woman made harassers donate money

Many Facebook users, especially girls, lauded Sreelakshmi for finding an awesome way to fight back and teaching the rich brat the lesson for lifetime. Some other women are sharing similar personal experiences in the comments, asking Sreelakshmi for help and guidance.

“I didn't make this Facebook post to gain publicity. I didn't expect it to go viral either," Sreelakshmi told Malayala Manorama. "Since the fellow is a politician, I was also apprehensive about how he would react. A legal fight would also take considerable time to conclude. That is when I decided to use a popular social media network to unmask the man's character," she said.


Well done Sreelakshmi!!

Feature Image Credit: India TV

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