Woman's 'No-Phone Pact' For Family Goes Viral. Here's What Happened

To reduce smartphone dependency within her family, Manju Gupta introduced an innovative disciplinary measure - signing an official stamp paper agreement with rules.

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An X (Formerly Twitter) user shared how her Masi (Aunt) made her family sign an "agreement" on a non-judicial stamp paper to reduce the family's phone usage. The stamp paper read that it was for "every member of the Gupta family" with three conditions and had a punishment to anyone caught flouting the rules as "breach of contract."


This might sound bizarre and extreme to many, but the woman also clarified on the stamp paper what prompted her to decide this. As this divided netizens, let us look into the matter deeply. 

This Woman Makes Family Sign "Agreement" To Reduce Phone Usage:

A non-judicial stamp by a concerned mother for her family has left the internet buzzing with views and memes.

In this digital age, modern families spend most of their time with members glued to their screens skipping engagement, interaction and family time which has now shifted to "scrolling and sharing", many families have laid some ground rules and created screen-free zones for family welfare. 

However, a woman named Manju Gupta made her family sign an agreement to dodge the consequences of overuse and addiction associated with smartphones found in every adult's hand today. This concerned mother cleverly strategised three rules that did not snatch the liberty of individuals in the family but were clever ways of controlling screen time and disciplining her family out of the addiction.

The three rules stated in the agreement were: Firstly, family members were instructed to observe the sight of God Sun (suryadevta) instead of phone screens. The second rule laid the dining table rules that each member shall eat food on the dining table only and phones must be kept at a distance of 20 steps away. The last rule said not to take their phones into the washroom. 


These rules may sound small and insignificant, but these little steps could be seen as effective ways to curb the excessive usage of phones that has some grave impact on an individual's health. 

The mother also implied through the agreement the breach of contact would be a punishable offence and the flouting member would abstain from ordering food from food-delivering apps such as Zomato/Swiggy.

Most netizens took the post and this agreement like a sport and shared many memes under the comments sections including Zomato commenting "Mujhe kyu toda?" which is a popular meme reference while few called out the action as extreme. Few others dropped comments like "Kuch bhi ho jaaye mere ghar tak nahi pohochna chahiye ye" and "20 kadam dur phone? Impossible!" 

The idea of a phone usage agreement can be interesting, but it's important to approach it with a lighthearted and collaborative spirit. While technology can be a valuable tool for families, it's also crucial to find a healthy balance and ensure that screen time doesn't come at the expense of real-world connections and experiences. 


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