A 65-year-old woman may get some reprieve for killing her alcoholic son. Her 47-year-old son was trying to rape his 19-year-old daughter when she hacked him with a sickle. 

His mother had tried to stop him. But he threw her aside and began assaulting his daughter with a piece of wood. The woman then hacked her son to death. The incident occurred in Sakkavayal village of Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu.

The woman’s granddaughter defended her. “What else could she have done? She was protecting me,” she said. She said that her grandmother had no other choice

The police have arrested the woman. She has been charged with culpable homicide, not amounting to murder. The local police officers say that they are sympathetic towards her. However, they have to abide by the law. If she does apply for bail, the police will not oppose it, said the Sivaganga superintendent of police. The police can’t be emotional, he said.

“We have instructed the investigating officers to discuss with the legal officers as to how best she can be helped, given the nature of the crime and the circumstances in which it was committed,” he added.

An act of defence

Lawyers say that there is enough evidence to prove that the murder was an act of defence.

“She should not be jailed when all she was doing was protecting her granddaughter from rape. She should be released immediately,” says senior lawyer Sudha Ramalingam. 

The daughter has a seven-year-old brother. Without the grandmother, they will be left alone. Our hearts go out to the lady who had to see her own son try to rape her granddaughter, and whose future is now uncertain.

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