Woman In A Wheelchair Makes It To Miss World Australia Finale

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Meet Justine Clark, who has scripted history by becoming the first differently-abled woman to compete in the Miss World Australia contest on Sunday, February 19. This is definitely a new era where things are changing big time — changing for good.

“I want the catwalk to be a fair and inclusive place for everyone. A wheelchair does not define me or limit me. I can still be strong, feminine and beautiful,” the 26-year-old confident Justine said, the Daily Mail reported.

Woman in a wheelchair in Miss World Contest

Nothing is impossible if you believe in the saying ‘willing and able’ and this woman in a wheelchair proved that phrase right word-by-word.

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The beauty has a “lower leg deformity”, due to which her dream of competing in the contest seemed unreal. But the gutsy woman wanted to break this stereotype. She asked questions: why is the runway not an accepted place for all women, with all of their strengths and weaknesses? Why doesn’t it invite women irrespective of size, colour, or race?

She took the up “Beauty With a Purpose’ challenge, where “the most vulnerable in our society” are showcased, the Daily Mail, Australia reported.

Woman in a wheelchair in Miss World Contest

Justine, in a wheelchair, took the catwalk by storm in the finale in Adelaide.

“I don’t really want to go in to what happened but I want to be a role model and empower young women,” Clark, who has been in a wheelchair for two years now, said in an interview to The Advertiser.

“For somebody in a wheelchair to be able to compete is a big thing. I really hope it sends a message that no matter what your race, size or disability — whatever makes you different — you are beautiful,” the messenger added.

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Though this aspiring beauty queen couldn’t go further in the competition, but according to Miss World national director Deborah Miller, Justine’s participation definitely broke some norms in the pageant and showed how “beauty comes in all forms”.

So what was her actual motivation? Justine took part in the competition to help disadvantaged children in wheelchairs in South Australia. The pageant will raise fund for Variety, the children’s charity with the highest South Australia fundraiser. And, Justine hopes to continue her work for the charity.

More power to you girl!

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Woman In A Wheelchair Makes It To Miss World Australia Finale
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