Woman Gangraped For Four Hours, Her Baby Choked To Death

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The Gurugram police has been able to arrest two out of the three men accused in a gangrape case that took place in the city last week. Apart from allegedly gangraping a woman, the men had also choked her nine-month-old daughter to death because she was crying out loud.

The two have been identified as Yogender and Amit, Gurugram police chief Sandeep Khirwar told reporters. He also said that Yogender has admitted to the crime and that Amit was arrested on Wednesday. However, the third accused, identified as Jaykesh, who is an auto driver, is still absconding. The police released three sketches on Tuesday night in a bid to nab the third accused.

On Monday (June 5), the 23-year-old woman had left home with her daughter around midnight after a dispute with the family to go to her parents’ home. While on her way, she boarded a truck. This was just the beginning of the chain of gruesome incidents leading to the gangrape. When the truck driver tried to sexually assault her, she got off the truck.

It was then that an auto-driver stopped and offered her a ride. But there were already two men sitting in the auto along with the driver. Once she got in, all of them attacked her. The suffocating situation made her baby cry. This angered the accused and one of them put his hand on her mouth, eventually killing her. They then stopped the auto and tossed the baby out. And then they took turns to rape the woman on the field, which continued for four hours.

“All of the accused contributed to the child’s murder, they smothered her. The death was due to asphyxia,” Khirwar told reporters.

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After they were done, they left the woman who then picked up her baby and went to a hospital in Gurugram where the doctors informed her that the baby was dead. She then took her dead baby in her arms and travelled by the Delhi Metro to go to AIIMS hospital.

She also went to a police station to file an FIR but the woman police there paid no heed to her complaint and did not register it. It has also been reported that the police only recorded the charges of gangrape after five days of the crime.

The barbaric incident has now shaken the cops to take action and they have now suspended the lady officer in-charge. “There may have been some lapse on the part of the police. We have suspended the lady sub-inspector who delayed the FIR by a day,” admitted the police chief.

“Our senior officers, when they got to know that she has been raped, we got her statement and physical examination.”

“We have got to the accused through human intelligence and technical assistance,” Khirwar told reporters.

Picture credit- Democratznews

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