Finding Love At 73: Nurse And Attorney Carol Mack’s Social Media Post Goes Viral

woman finding love at 73
What is the right age to find love? When is it right to marry? At what age should I meet my first love? These are questions that we ask ourselves almost every valentine’s day or on just a bad day, in general. We try to find the truth which is the right age for falling in love and marrying someone. This Valentine’s Day, Carol Mack defied all these questions and worries with just one viral social media post.

The 73-year-old woman is a nurse and an attorney by profession. Carol Mack is from Ventura in California, USA. Generally, she uses her Twitter account as a medium of expressing her political thoughts and love for pets, but on February 12, this year, she used it to spread love and security amongst netizens, who often find themselves searching for funny valentine’s day memes, ahead of the day.

She shared her story of how she fell in love at the age of 73 and that too in the middle of a pandemic. She posted a picture of her left hand, with a ring. She wrote, “Life is so strange. After nearly four decades of marriage, I never expected to be single again at 70. And I certainly didn’t expect to find true love at the age of 73 in the middle of a pandemic! And now this!”

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Woman Finding Love At 73

Mack posted this update of her life on February 12 and the last thing she expected on a personal update was more than a million likes, more than 70 thousand retweets and more than 16 thousand quote tweets.

Replying to a user who presumed that her husband had passed away and expressed sadness for her. She replied, “Thank you! I didn’t really lose my husband. I kicked him out when I found out he had another woman on the side. And I’ve never looked back.”

On February 13, she expressed her surprise at the post getting viral on Twitter. She wrote, “Wow! This really blew up! A few final thoughts. I really appreciate all your well wishes. I am amused by your assumptions about my mental state, financial health, computer skills, and sex life. I will now return to posting about politics, the pandemic and my pets.”

(Feature Image Credit: Carol Mack/ Twitter)