Woman Drops BEd Course Plan Due To Dress Code Row

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The ‘Purdah’ system has played spoilsport in a woman’s career. In a recent case, a Muslim woman had to change her plan to join the teacher training course at an institute in Malappuram district of Kerala after she was told that she could not attend classes in purdah.

Husna, who was aiming to pursue her BEd course at Jamia Nadwiya Teacher Training Institute run by Kerala Naduvathul Mujahideen (KNM), a Muslim organization, decided to opt out from the course.

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“We decided that Husna will wear Purdah as it would be more comfortable and safer than sari and approached the authorities even though there is a stipulation in the institute that students should wear sari three days in a week, as uniform,” Husna’s husband P Harshad Muhammed said to Hindustan Times.

Now, Harshad is trying his bit to bring this unfair matter to the notice of the authorities. He has already written a letter to KNM, notifying them that some institutions run by Muslim organisations do allow students to attend classes in purdah. But his action went in vain as the authorities at the institute shrugged off her plea stating that the dress code of the institution should be maintained.

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“In this circumstance, she has decided to drop the plan of joining the institute,” he said.

When asked, a senior official said, “If we relax the rule for one person now, there will be such demands from others also.”

It is high time that education rose beyond any dress code or purdah. How long will it be before people stop discriminating on the basis of clothes? Do write in with your comments.

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