Woman To Have Triplets, Conceives Third While Being Pregnant With Two

A woman conceives third baby while being pregnant with two. The mom-to-be has revealed her unique story on TikTok, which is banned in India.

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In a rare turn of events, a woman has conceived her third child after a few days of being pregnant with twins. The mom-to-be has revealed her unique story on TikTok, which is banned in India.


The woman has been using her TikTok platform to answer questions and document her incredible journey of double pregnancy. The extremely rare phenomenon is scientifically called superfetation.

In her viral clip, she told the viewers that her first two babies are 10 and 11 days older than her third one. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the video has garnered over 5 million views.

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What You Should Know

  • A woman shared her experience on TikTok of rare double pregnancy.
  • The woman with username @theblondebunny1, has been using the TikTok platform for answering questions around her pregnancy.
  • The mom-to-be is now 17 weeks pregnant.

Superfetation is a rare condition that occurs when another egg is fertilised by sperm and implanted inside the womb after the implantation of the first one, ultimately resulting in a second pregnancy. The woman in one of her videos said, "To confirm it was superfetation and not just twin absorption or a malnourished baby, the doctors have been doing ultrasounds every two weeks."


In one of the videos, she brought up the discussion of questions around using fertility drugs. The mom-to-be explained that she and her fiancé have not used any kind of fertility drugs and have conceived the baby naturally.

The new mom in line is currently 17 weeks pregnant. and is hoping to carry the baby for 32 weeks or longer. Her pregnancy is due in mid-spring. Though her babies have technically different due dates, as there is not much difference in the two pregnancies, the three will have the same birthday.

The three will be raised as triplets according to the mother. She and her fiance don't know about the babies' gender yet but are clear in their decision that they won't have more children after they welcome their triplets.

"We hit the jackpot,' she said in one clip. 'It’s our first pregnancy, and we’ve got three coming at once. So probably going to be my last as well," she said in a TikTok clip.

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