Suchana Seth's Son Died Of Asphyxiation, Shock: Goa Police Chargesheet

The Goa police have filed a chargesheet against Suchana Seth, the Bengaluru-based startup founder facing charges of murdering her 4-year-old son in Calangute.

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Suchana Seth

The Goa police have filed a chargesheet against Suchana Seth, the Bengaluru-based startup CEO who is facing charges of ordering her four-year-old son in Calangute. The police revealed chilling details in the 642-page chargesheet, stating that the child died as a result of shock and asphyxiation. 39-year-old Seth was accused of killing her son in a hotel room in Goa, allegedly over a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband. She was arrested from Chitradurga in Karnataka on January 8, while she was escaping with her son's body concealed in a bag.


Coming to her defence, Seth's father had earlier submitted an application to the court in January stating that she was suffering from a mental illness and that police should get her psychological health assessed. However, the exam conducted at Panaji's Institute of Psychology and Human Behaviour in early February revealed that did not show any signs of mental illness.

Suchana Seth Case

Suchana Seth is a Bengaluru-based data scientist and the co-founder and CEO of Mindful AI Labs. As per reports, she checked in to a hotel in Goa with her son on January 6 but checked out three days later alone with a suitcase. While checking out, she asked the hotel staff to book a taxi for her to Bengaluru.

Even though the staff suggested that she should take a flight, she insisted on booking the taxi. The staff had noticed that her son was missing which made him suspect her. He informed his manager immediately. After Seth left, the staff found stains of blood in her apartment. This confirmed his doubt. The staff and the manager called the police immediately. 

Goa Police Take Action

The police connected with the taxi driver who was driving Seth to Bengaluru. They asked the driver to connect with Seth on call. When the police asked her about her son, Seth said that he was with a friend and gave them an address. However, the address turned out to be fake. 


The police again called up the driver and spoke in Konkani so that Seth wouldn't get suspicious. The police asked the driver to turn the car towards the nearest police station which was in Chitradurga. The police's attempt was successful as Seth was caught at Chitradurga police station. There, they found her son's body packed up in her suitcase. The motive behind the murder is still unknown. 

“She initially told the police she had left her son with a relative in South Goa, but the story didn’t check out. We called the cab driver and asked him to report to the nearest police station. She was nabbed with the help of Karnataka Police in Chitradurga district while on the way to Bengaluru,” the officer at the Calangute Police station said.

Police Find Note "Confessing" Crime

Police found a note allegedly written by Seth in one of her bags, which stated that she committed the heinous crime as she was unhappy with a court order permitting her ex-husband PR Venkat Raman to spend time with the child the coming weekend. The argument of her mental fitness was long contended until a medical report revealed that Seth's "judgment is intact and no psychotic or pervasive mood symptoms were elicited in responses," police said on February 13.


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