Ahmedabad: Man Brutally Beats Woman Business Partner; Now Arrested

After the shocking video of a 24-year-old woman being brutally beaten, and dragged by her hair outside a spa in Ahmedabad by her business partner came to light, police on September 28 arrested the accused.

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A 24-year-old woman was brutally assaulted, severely beaten, thrashed, and dragged by her hair outside a spa located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by her business partner. This incident occurred on September 25 and the video of the same has now gone viral on social media.


Following the registration of an FIR, the spa manager was apprehended by the Bodakdev police on September 28.

Incident Details

According to the reports by NDTV, the woman scolded a female staff member at the Galaxy Spa due to a financial loss of approximately ₹4,000 to ₹5,000. This led to an argument between her and her partner Mohsin.

During their confrontation, the victim questioned Mohsin's involvement with the female staff member he was defending. In response, Mohsin physically attacked her. Despite her attempts to maintain a calm conversation and requesting him not to harm her, Mohsin continued to assault her. She then tried to call the police using the 100 helpline, but Mohsin forcibly took her phone. With her phone running low on battery, it eventually shut off. In desperation, she fled from the scene to escape further harm.

What's In The Video?


The viral video depicts Mohsin approaching the woman and striking her on her face. As she tries to defend herself by pushing him away, he repeatedly hits her. The video captures their argument, with Mohsin menacingly advancing towards the woman.

Another individual in the video attempts to intervene and stop Mohsin, but he persists in dragging the woman by her hand and violently pulling her by her hair while continuing to strike her in the face.

What Happened After?

Reportedly, Mohsin apologised to the woman and she forgave him, therefore not filing any complaint against him for two days even after the incident. After the video went viral and the victim was approached by the Bodakdev police, she gave it a thought. 

She was apparently convinced by the police and the people around her to file the complaint as what happened to her should not happen with anyone else too. That's when she got the courage and filed the FIR on September 27.

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