Woman And Her Children Starve For Days After Losing Husband, Job Due To COVID-19

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Woman And Her Children Starve: A woman along with her five children has been admitted to a hospital on Tuesday in Aligarh after her family went without food for days.

According to a report by PTI, the woman had recently lost her job and her husband, who used to be the breadwinner of the family, due to COVID-19. The family of six was barely able to talk or stand when they were brought to the hospital, doctors at Malkhan Singh District Hospital told PTI.

The woman, identified as Guddi, 40, told the press that she was working at a lock factory after her husband’s death but that also shut down a few months ago. After the District magistrate Chandra Bhushan Singh became aware of the starving family, he directed a team of officials to investigate the matter and extend relief to the family, according to an official release.

Woman and her family starved for almost 10 days

Guddi shared that after losing her job, her 20-year-old son Ajay started to work but he too became unemployed during the second wave of the pandemic. With all sources of income dried up, the family was not able to move out of their house in Mandir ka Nagla near Sasni Gate police station. The woman said that her family survived on chapatis given by the neighbours.

Nearly 10 days ago, even the neighbours stopped offering food and the family reportedly went without a single meal.

Sub Divisional Magistrate Kumar Bahadur Singh led the District Magistrate’s team of three officials to look into the matter. The official release stated that the officials provided the family with foodgrain and other food items in addition to a sum of ₹ 5,000. The family was also taken to hospital as they were in a weak state.

The officials have stated that the matter will be investigated further and more action will follow.

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