With No Sponsors, It's A Tough Fight For Pak Women Cricketers

Ria Das
Jul 04, 2017 11:43 IST

The Women's World Cup is going full throttle, finally managing to grab eyeballs, especially since India beat arch-rival Pakistan and took over social media sites by storm. The excitement could be seen in every Indian's eyes. However, while the entire nation started pouring love on the Indian team for the remarkable win, a few things stood out like a sore thumb. The Pakistani women players were on the field without proper support, even though the team had signed national contracts in 2011. The women in green were in a good form, but did anyone notice that even this year they failed to get sponsorship?

A post by a Pakistani fan was shared to open our eyes to their situation:

Earlier this year, Australian players were busy breaking the glass ceiling by finally getting equal pay rates for men and women. Indian women players also got a boost just before heading for the World Cup when it was announced that they will get more money per game and a higher daily allowance from the upcoming tournament. But, sadly, Pakistan women are still waging a battle for their dues. Breaking societal boundaries is also high on their agenda.

In a country where women are traditionally kept behind closed doors, these Pakistani women cricketers have broken stereotypes to compete in international sports.

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Female cricketers are always taken lightly and judged -- be it in any country. But for Pakistani players, it's much more than carving a niche, the World Cup is a league for them to prove their ability as players. Despite null media coverage and far less sponsors, the girls in green are hoping to earn big in future and set an example for female sportstars in Pakistan.

While male cricketers in Pakistan are much revered, the women's team gets scant attention.

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With powerful players backing the team, women cricketers from Pakistan may get some much needed support, but it’s time to end the disparity between men's and women's games.  Hope the organisers wake up soon and the women cricketers get what they deserve.

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