With More People Of Colour Nominated, Oscar 2017 Celebrates Diversity

Gender disparity oscars

No other stage would catch people’s attention like the Oscar does. But this time, it’s much more than talent (besides glamour of course) – It is celebrating a mélange of diversity in style. Oscar 2017 is firmly becoming a stage with considerably different colours.

“La La Land” has bagged the most nominations (at 14, the same as 1950’s All About Eve and 1997’s Titanic).

Oh wait! When we’re talking about the best of the year in movies, let’s not forget the actors and actresses who led these movies.

This year, a total 7 people of colour were among the 20 acting nominees, including best actor nominee Denzel Washington for Fences and best actress nominee Ruth Negga for Loving. Black directors dominated the documentary film category.