Meet Subha Tatavarti, Wipro’s New Chief Technology Officer

Wipro hires Subha Tatavarti

Subha Tatavarti: Tech giant Wipro Ltd has appointed Subha Tatavarti as its new chief technology officer (CTO). US-based Tatavarti worked at PayPal for nearly a decade before moving on to Walmart in 2020.

Here are ten things to know about Subha Tatavarti:

1. San Francisco-based Tatavarti holds a Masters in Computer Science and lives in the Bay Area with her family.

2. She has been part of US-based Walmart and Paypal.

3. In 2021, she moved to Wipro from Walmart where she worked as a senior director of technology commercialization.

4. Previously at Walmart, Tatavarti “led product, technology development and commercialisation of Enterprise Infrastructure along with Security, Data Science and Edge platforms,” According to Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte, as cited by the Moneycontrol.

5. Delaporte said. “Her portfolio of products included machine learning, artificial intelligence (platforms powered by notebooks, data integration platform, data catalogue and data ALM.”

6. She has over a decade of experience with Paypal as Head of product, data platform and infrastructure. Tatavarti served the company from 2010 to 2020.

7. Before joining PayPal, Tatavarti worked with Climetrics, Inc as Co-founder and Director, Abbott Laboratories, Fannie Mae, Bearing Point and AOL, according to her LinkedIn profile.

8. According to Delaporte, Tatavarti has over two decades of rich experience in the IT Industry spanning product development, delivery, lifecycle management, cloud computing services, data technology and analytics.

9. At her current job as the CTO, Tatavarti will be leading her own teams, including Service Transformation, Topcoder, Robotics, SVIC, Technovation Centre, Open Innovation and Applied Research.

10. Along with her appointment, Wipro has also hired several key additions since Delaporte took charge as the CEO and MD on 6 July.

Feature Image Credit: LinkedIn