Will Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Quantico’ Go Off Air Soon?

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There are rumours that Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Quantico’ Season 2 might go off air soon. This American TV show was an international debut platform for Priyanka, and through the entire Season 1, she had received wide acclaim.

But recently, the show is continuing to perform poorly. According to TV By The Numbers, The Cancel Bear (a website that tracks TV ratings), the show now is failing to keep the audience hooked. As a result, there has been a drastic dip in the ratings despite having it moved to the Monday slots in the hope of higher viewership, but it appeared to be a wasted scheme.

The website stated, “A while back, the Bear noted that Quantico’s move to Monday nights would likely result in marginal ratings gains at best. That didn’t happen, and thus the show is getting a downgrade to a likely cancellation.”

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Priyanka plays Alex Parrish – a tough FBI agent in Quantico. After the tremendous success of the first season, the second one is somehow not going in the right direction. Recently, it saw a dangerous fall by 0.76 ratings. So, if the show doesn’t improve its quality or show good rating in the upcoming weeks, it’ll most certainly be in the ‘Likely Cancellation’ category.

Recently, two shows have been cancelled, including Notorious and Conviction. The ratings for these shows were 0.87 and 0.64 respectively.

Cancel Bear’s ratings show a possibility of cancellation.

Priyanka Chopra

Quoting from the site, “In its fall run on Sundays, Quantico averaged a 0.76 rating in adults 18-49 with a lead-in (Secrets and Lies) that drew just about the same ratings. In its first two Monday episodes, with a Bachelor lead-in almost three times as large as that of Secrets and Lies, Quantico has averaged 0.75.”

It added, “Quantico probably won’t move much higher than its current ratings this season. It is what it is at this point, and that’s a show ABC should cut ties with at season’s end.”

A review on Vulture summed up the show’s problem when it said, “We know theoretically that Alex is in danger, but she’s never proven herself to be anything but capable under pressure. Her incredible ability to get herself out of any sticky situation has become a road bump in her character’s story and it no longer feels like Alex is in danger, even when she is.”

Though I feel PC’s debut show wasn’t an espionage drama, but yes I can proudly say that I didn’t waste my time watching it till the end.

I mean think about it. Quantico won Priyanka two Popular Choice awards. Though things are a bit dark now, we bet she’s here to survive.

Priyanka has spent more than a decade in Bollywood, done a variety of roles but this one was special for her career boost. It gave her an international identity and we now spot an Indian face (which very rarely happens) in Hollywood. PeeCee plays a negative role and will soon make her Hollywood debut with ‘Baywatch’ where she is likely to play a role of a don – Victoria. She’ll co-star Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

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Good luck Priyanka and may you keep rocking in many such platforms!

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