Union Urban Development Minister, Venkaiah Naidu, has said that the NDA government would pass the women’s reservation bill, which would reserve 33 per cent seats for women in Parliament and state legislatures, once the coalition gets majority in the Rajya Sabha.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has this in mind and the day is not is far when Parliament will pass the law providing women’s reservation through consensus. Once we (NDA) get majority in Rajya Sabha, we will get the Bill passed,” Naidu said. He was speaking at the three-day National Women’s Parliament that is being organised by the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. The theme of the Parliament is “Empowering Women – Strengthening Democracy.

The Women’s Reservation Bill has been pending in the Lok Sabha for almost two decades.

Naidu said gender inequality was having an impact on economic development, and it has become a pressing concern across the world. Stating that gender equality was part of Indian tradition, he said, “We had women at the top (in ancient times and myths, too). The defence ministry was monitored by Durga, Saraswati was the education minister, and the key ministry of finance was handled by Lakshmi (according to religious mythology).”

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