Will Amy Schumer make the perfect (real) Barbie? It’s about time

Amy Schumer cooking show

Seasons may change, storms and hurricanes may come and leave but cast in some permanent code are the trolls that hound Amy Schumer. And what’s the latest reason for it? Amy is in talks to star in a Barbie film by Sony in a bid to shatter the decades long notion that perfect ‘plastic is fantastic’. For someone who isn’t new to trolling this has become headline-stuff across her fanbase and troll base.

Opening the definition of perfect for dialogue

In what’s likely to be a spin on the idea of beauty, this is an effort to address criticism of promoting Barbie as an emblem of beauty, thin and perfect body, often white and blonde hair.

Making imperfect the new normal, the new perfect

The Barbie doll was launched in March 1959 by Mattel and reportedly is a $3 billion business annually. This live-action movie with Amy Schumer in the lead will see a storyline full of twists and turns where Amy finds herself in the ‘perfect’ land of Barbies and soon realises she doesn’t fit it. She is then expelled from the Barbie land and will journey into the real world where very little is as perfect.

Amy Schumer in Talks to Star in ‘Barbie’ Movie From Sony

One is not surprised that Mattel has come to produce something like this however for a company that traffics in unhealthy body standards perhaps this was a logical next step. Despite the trolls, traditional Barbie lovers of perfection, there is a movement to question the silliness of the perfect-pitch in products.

Feature Image Credit: Chicago Tribune