Wife Eats Mutton Secretly, Husband Asks Her To Choose Between Him And Meat

wife eats mutton secretly
Wife eats mutton secretly and this could wreck her marriage: Cheating is a common complaint that we see in most of the columns about advice on relationships and marriages. But how common is it to hear a wife cheating on her husband by secretly eating her choice of food? It sure shocked the columnist as it did the readers or advice seekers.

A newspaper clipping of such an advice column has gone viral over the internet, wherein a husband shares his ‘distress’ over his wife’s love for meat. The husband is a vegetarian who married the woman because she was beautiful and came from a “pure vegetarian” caste but on the condition that she leaves eating meat. Although mutton was the woman’s favourite food, she promised to leave it for the sake of marriage.

Later on, the husband came to know that the woman was secretly eating mutton and wrote to the columnist fearing that his wife chose mutton over him.

He wrote, “I’m a pure vegetarian. I married a girl who is also a pure vegetarian by caste, but she has confessed she loves mutton and eats out. Since she was very beautiful, I agreed to marry her on the condition that she will never have mutton again anywhere. But recently, I came to know that she has still been eating mutton secretly outside. Now she says she loves mutton and can’t live without it. I’m willing to forgive her one more time and have given her an ultimatum, “It’s the mutton or me. Make a choice.” But now I’m scared. What if she chooses mutton? It’ll be very embarrassing. Who do you think will she choose?”

The columnist’s reply has the social media in splits, “Congratulations, you just set a new record. This is the first love triangle between a man and a goat. As for who she will choose–one can live without love but not without food. Take a guess.”

However shocking and hilarious this sounds, it is the reality in most households. Unrealistic demands and expectations that the partner will adhere to the rules on which food to consume. This can happen to any gender. Within a heterosexual couple, it mostly happens to the woman.

Their diet and preference are often sidelined by the partner, who is living in a bubble that their acquired taste will fit the bill for the woman too. This compulsion and the constant suggestion by the family that a woman should “always do what the husband dictates” often leads to them lying.

It is okay if one’s partner chooses meat as their diet and another is a vegetarian. There is no need for both the partners to become one soul, one body and one diet.

The man who wrote to the columnist said he will be embarrassed if his wife chose mutton over him, the question largely remains how does he not feel embarrassed to dictate and gaslight his wife for her choice of food? For him, it is a matter of embarrassment to be left for a goat, but not tragic to lose a partner?

By the way, it’s definitely mutton over a man who feels it is his birthright to dictate what the partner can and cannot eat.

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