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Black or milky – no woman can dodge the fact that she needs, breathes, lives and stays energized the whole day with her cuppa coffee. That bitter shot gives us the power to sweeten our productivity. We pick our first one on our own but chances are the rest of the day counts unlimited cups on our desk. We caught up with entrepreneurs who love their coffee to find out the ‘fix’ it brings to their lives. “Cause mindfulness + caffeine is a combination that pushes me to go conquer the world,” says Malini Gowrishankar, Founder of F5Escapes who is sitting through our interview with her cup held tightly.

Long Live The Coffee Drinker

“For a woman like me between all hustle bustle. Office home and others. Coffee time is when I live…see vision and dream,” shares Vedika Goel, Founder of With You.

For many entrepreneurs, coffee brings out the best in them. Some are inspired by that cheering, determined trip to the coffee machine and others just love the privilege of asking their office boy to deliver their piping hot cup on the table. ‘Raju, meri coffee!’ Aparna Athreya, Bangalore-based founder of The Kid and Parent Foundation puts a big onus on that cup of brew. “Coffee is a representation of dynamism, energy and the drive to wake up and be a winner,” she shares. “I am every bit like the coffee I love to wake up on.” Krutika Katrat, Co-Founder & COO at OoWomaniya.com add chai to the mix. “I like coffee as well as chai. Apart from a morning head-start to the day. It’s also a good break or respite from the routine for few minutes. Of course a coffee with a good aroma is a plus point.” 

Malini Gowrishankar F5 Escapes

Malini Gowrishankar F5 Escapes

In Mumbai, Ruchi Chopra of Any Surprise Any Place does her coffee differently. Tall, dark and handsome. A cold coffee addict, she tops it up with power pieces from cookies to chocolate chips and dollops of cream. Investment issues, conveying the brand’s message and pushing for high marketshare – business challenges are packaged in different sizes from handling a huge team, managing employees with a smile all day long. Aren’t these are less stressful – with a sip of coffee boosting a woman’s performance? “For a woman like me between all hustle bustle. Office home and others. Coffee time is when I live…see vision and dream,” shares Vedika Goel, Founder of With You.

Vedika Goel is an entrepreneur who runs With You - an after life service on the internet

Vedika Goel Loves Her Coffee

Besides being a quick escape from the stressful situations and to perform all day long meeting, coffee has now come to prevent health issues too. The brewed beverage has elements that help in reducing endometrial cancer (the lining of the uterus begin to grow out of control). Another report says that there is evidence to indicate that coffee drinking adults tend to have lower risks of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It even claims coffee drinking can help prevent Parkinson’s disease.

But as we all know, for whatever’s good or bad or ugly about coffee – those who love it, live with it will drink it any how. It’s the office watering hole, it’s a conversation breaker, it’s what drives those legs and keeps nerves flowing. The coolest part about the bev is how it keeps us creative, not just with what we can do with the drink but also what the drink does with us.

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