Why Rohtak gangrape has not outraged us like Nirbhaya did by Poorvi Gupta

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December 17, 2012, the news of a girl being gang-raped in a moving bus in South Delhi area, just a night before, was spreading like wildfire in the country. Everyone in the capital city was discussing about the graphic details of the rape that had shaken up the capital just a few hours ago. Protest marches took place at Jantar Mantar and other parts of the city as well as the country. Social media was swelling with public outcry and demands of castration, capital punishment, public shame for the accused. That was 2012-2013.


Fast-forward to today in 2017. On May 9, a girl in Rohtak was found brutally gang raped and murdered in an empty plot of the city's IMT area. Her body was found badly mutilated and the post-mortem report indicated that she died due to “head injury as blunt force injuries and multiple wounds were found on her skull and scalp. Her face, tongue, eye, ears were totally disfigured. And above all this, her oesophagus was missing and marks of bites are also found over her chest. These graphic and mind-numbing details are very disturbing and yet, not much of anger can be seen amongst the masses.

Is it the relief of Jyoti Singh’s (the delhi gangrape victim) perpetrators getting death penalty that has held us back from outraging for this case? Or is it the fact that the 'Nirbhaya' case received enough amplification by the media-before being picked up by the public to be transformed into a civil movement that led to the relooking of laws to protect women?  Why isn't the national media as vocal about the Rohtak girl’s gangrape and murder as it was in 2012?

These are the questions that have come to fore in the understanding of why a crime elicits outrage by public and media both and how brutal it needs to be for a protest to take place against the inhumanity of it.


While in the Delhi gang rape case, the 23-year-old girl had come out of a movie hall when the unfortunate incident happened. And debates on girls’ freedom and safety in public places in the capital city fired up. Today, the Rohtak girl was abducted by at least five to six youths from the gate of a private company, who then took her to a deserted place and did horrifying things with her before brutally killing her.

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“The victim was tortured and her body was mutilated after the gangrape. She was killed after being raped involving at least seven people. Her skull was smashed in a way which indicates that she was run over by a vehicle in order to hide her identity,” said the forensic team as reported by The Quint.


Now what will all the advocates of 'Indian culture' and regressive thought process state? Then they made all sorts of comments about how a girl is the family’s dignity and should not be allowed to go outside the home late at night. Or that she needed to call her attackers "bhaiya" and they would have let her go free.

The victim's mother has come out saying that the main accused who is also their neighbour was pressuring their daughter for marriage for the past one year now. And after she refused the last time, he along with his friends went on to commit this gruesome act. The parents demand capital punishment for them now.

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