Why Peanut Is A Wonder Nut

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Why peanuts are wonder nuts?

During winters, especially in North India, you'll see mostly everyone carrying a handful of these nuts with them. They're sold by hawkers and prove to be a healthy evening snack for many. Here's why peanut is a wonder nut for all:


Energy, energy and some more energy

With vitamins, nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants, peanuts will help you add that 'zing' to your otherwise lethargic day. A handful of these in your lunchbox will only make your day better. It has about 567 calories per 100 gm.

Bye bye cholesterol

Say goodbye to that bad cholesterol you have been fighting off for months. Peanut has the properties to increase the good cholesterol in the body, making it a great ingredient to prevent coronary diseases. It contains monounsaturated fatty acid, which is responsible for preventing heart diseases.

Abundance of anti-oxidants

These nuts are a powerhouse of anti-oxidants, which get more activated after they have been boiled. Damage by free radicals to your skin can be undone by these anti-oxidants. Also, the Vitamin E present plays a major role in healthy skin. Don't forget to add this to you skincare diet.


Don't worry about weight gain

Peanut and peanut butter can be addictive, simply because of its amazing flavour, but the good news is that this won't affect your weight. In fact, women who consume peanuts at least twice a week are less likely to be susceptible to obesity than those who don't.  

Fight those blues

Feeling depressed is scientifically related to low levels of serotonin in the body. Peanuts contain properties that help the release of this chemical, thus helping you fight your blues. If you do not get a chance to consume peanuts, the next best substitute would be peanut butter.

Maintaining healthy hair

High levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in peanuts help with scalp health and makes hair stronger from within. Also, the Vitamin E present is good not only for the skin, but also for the hair as it keeps them from breaking. With stronger roots, the hair will automatically be healthy.

Some recipes also use peanut paste to enhance flavour. To make sure you consume enough of these wonder nuts, maybe you can google some recipes that use peanut paste as base. Never hurts to try!

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