Why New-Age Entrepreneurs Love Working Out Of Coffee Shops

Women Entrepreneurs

While coffee shops has been famous to start friendships and make conversations, modern times have brought a new angle to them. The perfect place to get business moving. Coffee shops are filled with entrepreneurs quietly tapping away at their laptops in one corner. It definitely is one of my favourite places to work out from and here are some of the reasons why it’s become a trend now:

  • Great Ambience: Coffee shops are generally quite places. Nobody will come and disturb you constantly for food and drinks. It is where if you sit in one corner, even the manager is not going to bother you for hours on end, so that gives you the peace to work in silence.
  • Coffee of course! Coffee is a great energy booster. So, coffee houses are a definite yay for entrepreneurs because they need to do like 20 things in one go, so coffee become a necessity at such times.
  • WIFI- While all coffee houses may not have it, in metro cities now quite a bunch of them do have WIFI, our lifeline. New-age entrepreneurs thrive on internet, so a coffee house plus free internet makes life just that tad bit easier.
  • Perfect for on-the-go entrepreneurs- Today as many entrepreneurs, especially the ones having digital platform, don’t have a proper infrastructure to work from and are always going from place to place to attend meetings, to shoot, etc. In all this, if one has to stop and write some mails and in my case, write a blog, coffee house become the perfect place to work from.
  • Inexpensive work place- Order a coffee for Rs 300 bucks and work away for hours. That’s dirt cheap for someone who has to go out for a few hours every day to work and does not have a place. I know that co-working places are becoming a rage these days, but considering their prices per month, you will run to the nearby coffee house right away.