Why Is Arrest Mahua Moitra Trending Amidst Kaali Poster Row?

TMC MP sparked online outrage with her comments on the Goddess Kaali.

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Mahua Moitra Uses Abusive Language
Arrest Mahua Moitra is trending all over Twitter amidst the Kaali row as the Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha MP came in support of Leena Manimekalai and her upcoming movie Kaali. Mahua Moitra sparked outraged as she made some controversial remarks about the Hindu deity.

Ever since the poster of Kaali surfaced on the internet filmmaker Leena Manimekalai has been targetted by the netizens. She suffered severe backlash as the depiction of the Hindu goddess Kaali with a cigarette and a pride flag in the poster didn't go down well with netizens. This was considered disrespectful and The Delhi and UP police filed an FIR against the filmmaker.

The filmmaker however stood her ground and stated that she is ready to pay with her life. Recently after #ArrestLeenaManimekalai, Arrest Mahua Moitra has been trending on Twitter. The TMC MP has come under the spotlight for coming in support of the poster. She said that she believes Kali is a "meat-eating, alcohol-accepting goddess" at a media conclave. This however sparked massive outrage, leading TMC to distance itself from the views of the MP and issued a condemnation. This is not he first time Mahua Moitra has faced backlash, she has been been previously criticised for her opinions on the meat ban in South Delhi.

Arrest Mahua Moitra Trending Amidst Kaali Row

TMC MP sparked online outrage with her comments on the 'Kaali' poster. Twiterrati bashed Mahua Moitra for her views on the Kaali poster. One user wrote- "In India, woman is considered as a Goddess. In the scriptures, women is written as venerable But #MahuaMoitra proved it wrong by insulting Maa Kaali. As a woman, I am ashamed to hear such disgusting words from another woman. #kaaliposter #HinduInsultNotArt #ArrestMahuaMoitra" 

Another user condemned her comments writing- " Dear Nationalist Hindus, "Peta" may take action against you if you make any remarks against #MahuaMoitra for her derogatory remarks against Maa Kaali. #KaaliPoster #ArrestMahuaMoitra. Yet another probed for action to be taken against Mahua Moitra for her comments. The tweet read- "Again and again these anti Hindu leftists & conversion mafia insulting Hindu gods & hindu culture,  @MahuaMoitra must be punished severely, Don't show any mercy for them, If police don't take action, definitely people will . #ArrestMahuaMoitra"

People have come out calling her out on her views on the Hindu deity, the posts come in thousands as another user writes- "A new trend has emerged..i.e., to insult Hindu Devi/Devta n to hurt our religious beliefs. Under section 295A IPC if anyone insults the religion or religious beliefs of any class ,shall be punished with imprisonment. IPC is same for Hindus too I believe. #ArrestMahuaMoitra." 

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