Who Was Mayra Zulfiquar? British Woman Shot Dead For Refusing Marriage Proposal

Who Was Mayra Zulfiqar ,Mayra Zulfiqar
Who Was Mayra Zulfiqar: Pakistani origin British woman was allegedly shot dead by two Pakistani men for refusing their marriage proposal. Pakistani police are on a hunt for the accused who are currently on the run.

Zulfiqar was allegedly shot dead in her apartment in the city of Lahore and her corpse was discovered lying in a pool of blood in her room with her mobile phone near her body earlier this week. The police suspect that the accused to have broken into her apartment around Monday. As reported by the superintendent, a gunshot mark was found around the victim’s neck and another to her left arm, along with some bruises on her left foot.

Zulfiqar’s uncle informed that he found his niece’s body after receiving a phone call from her father in London to say she had been killed. He further informed that his niece had told him she had been involved in a conflict with two male friends after she had rejected their marriage proposals, and that they had threatened her with “dire consequences”.

Who Was Mayra Zulfiqar?

Zulfiqar, a 24-year-old Briton who hailed from Feltham in South West London, rejected the marriage proposal of her two male friends. They reportedly threatened her of dire consequences for the same. She moved to Pakistan two months prior to her murder in order to attend a marriage ceremony and was staying at a rented home with her friend.

The victim was a law graduate. In a statement, Duncan Blackett Law said that she had been briefly enrolled on a legal mentorship programme before it was postponed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. It was further reported that she was an “excellent mentee who demonstrated a keen interest in commercial law”.