Who Was Amy Carlson? The Deceased Leader Of The “Love Has Won” Cult

Amy Carlson
Cult leader Amy Carlson was found dead wrapped in a sleeping bag in Colorado. Carlson was also known as “Mother God” by her followers.

According to authorities, her mummified corpse was found enshrined with Christmas lights in a home in Colorado.

According to a follower of “Love Has Won”, he took in a group of people that needed a place to stay and later discovered the body. He believed the group of people transported Carlson’s body from California. The coroner’s office has not released the cause or manner of death.

Seven members of the “Love Has Won” cult were arrested on charges of abuse of a corpse and child abuse. According to the Daily Beast, when the group mentioned referred to Carlson, they stated that she was “out of communication”.

According to the authorities, Carlson’s body was decorated with Christmas lights and the “mummified remains appeared to be set up in some type of shrine”.

Who Was Amy Carlson?

  1. Amy Carlson was the leader of the “Love Has Won” cult and their self-proclaimed divine being. The cult’s website said that she was on the “534th reincarnation in my quest”.
  2. Carlson led the “Love Has Won” group from their headquarters in Crestone, Colorado, where it was founded.
  3. In September 2020, when the group was in Hawaii, Amy Carlson called herself the goddess of volcanoes and creator of the islands. The Hawaiian natives said that the cult’s practices were offensive and desecrated their culture.
  4. The cult along with Carlson was forced to leave Hawaii under police after protestors led a standoff where the group was residing.
  5. According to Carlson’s followers, she communicated with angels from a young age and would lead them to a “great awakening”.
  6. Carlson’s sister confirmed her death in a Facebook post, where she described “Love Has Won” as a “manipulating cult”.