Who is the ‘freezing female employees’ eggs’ offer really for?


As Indra Nooyi puts it, a woman’s body clock and career clock are in total conflict with each other. By this she means that the time in women’s life where they are most healthy to conceive babies, is also the most crucial time of their careers.Choosing one of them over the other or trying to do both together is one of the biggest challenges working women face today. Offering a solution, tech giants Apple and Facebook recently announced that they will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs.


This may seem really generous to some who can now probably concentrate on their careers without hearing the clock tick at the back of their heads constantly, but there are some who are not entirely sure of this generosity.


Emma Barnett, an award-winning radio presenter and a digital media editor, shares something a 40 year old woman who decided to freeze her eggs at the age of 36, told her: “Freezing your eggs doesn’t solve the problem. It just delays it. There’s no way I would have even considered this in my twenties. I really hope this offer wouldn’t put women off having babies who have met the right person and are settled with them in their late twenties and early thirties.”


[Picture Courtesy: London Evening Standard]

Barnett also feels that by offering to pay for the freezing of their eggs, along with other amenities like free food and ‘break-out zones’, companies like Apple and Facebook are massively blurring the lines between life and work for their employees. She adds that the offer is sending out the message that delaying children is professionally beneficial.


She concludes by saying that “Women and men must take the decision about when to have a child based on when it’s right for them – not when it suits the company they work for… we professional women have already got enough on our plate without our ‘benevolent bosses’ suddenly playing God.”


ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Huffington Post