10 Things To Know About Uttarakhand’s One-Day Chief Minister

Shristi Goswami Uttarakhand CM, who is Shristi Goswami

Haridwar-girl Shristi Goswami became a one-day chief minister for the state of Uttarakhand, on January 24, which is celebrated as the National Girl Child Day. The 19-year-old student will oversee various schemes run by the state government during her day-long tenure.

Here are 10 things you should know about Shristi Goswami:

1. 19-year-old Goswami is a student in the seventh semester of BSc Agriculture at BSM PG College Roorkee.

2. Goswami is a resident of Daulatpur village in Haridwar district.

3. Praveen Goswami, her father, is a businessman, and Sudha Goswami, her mother, is a homemaker.

4. She is serving as Uttarakhand Bal Vidhan Sabha’s chief minister, after her appointment in May 2018.

5. The Haridwar-based teenager is going to administer from the state’s summer capital Garisain.

6. During her stint as the day-long chief minister, Goswami will review government schemes such as Atal Ayushman Plan, the Smart City initiative, the Tourism Department’s Homestay Scheme, and other construction initiatives.

7. Officials from different departments under the Uttarakhand government will each give a five-minute presentation on their strategies, to initiate Shrishti Goswami into her role as Uttarakhand CM.

8. Usha Negi, President of the Uttarakhand Child Rights Protection Commission said that the programme will take place in the State Assembly building from 12 to 3 pm. 

9. A letter to the Chief Secretary has been written by the Uttarakhand Child Rights Security Commission to ensure that all the high ranking officials in the programme are present.

10. Speaking on her appointment, Goswami said it proved that “youth can excel in administration” and that too while working for people’s welfare.

Image Credit: New Indian Express/ Jagran

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