Who Is Seema Patil? Whole Time Director Of Zerodha To Get Rs 100 Crore As Salary

Seema Patil is the whole-time director of the start-up and wife of CEO Nithin Kamath. Patil is one of the three who will be getting Rs 100 crore as a salary.

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Who is Seema Patil
Who Is Seema Patil: Nithin and Nikhil Kamath, the brothers who founded Zerodha along with Seema Patil, Nithin’s wife, can now take home a salary of up to Rs 100 crore each, according to a resolution passed by the company’s board.

Zerodha, a bootstrapped start-up firm, is now India's largest stock brokerage firm. On May 29, founder Nithin Kamath tweeted that the company will also run a buyback this year but at double the valuation. "Everyone holds ESOPs & continuously get new options, too. We ran a buyback last year at $1-billion valuation & we will this year do it at $2 billion," he wrote.

Who Is Seema Patil?

  • Seema Patil is the wife of Zerodha founder and CEO Nithin Kamath. She also has an important position in the stock brokerage firm.
  • Patil has been promoted to a whole-time director from her previous position in the bootstrapped startup firm. Before Zerodha, she has worked in an international airline business for six years. Patil is also known to be an extremely disciplined fitness enthusiast.
  • The board of Zerodha has recently passed a special resolution in which Patil and the two founders will get a basic salary of Rs 4.17 crore per month each along with allowances. The salary adds up to Rs 300 crore per year.
  • This newly passed special resolution makes Patil and the two founders the highest-paid co-founders and directors across the startup ecosystem in India.
  • The combination and efficiency of Patil with the Kamath brothers have been highly praised in the start-up community. Aside from Zerodha, the three also run Rainmatter Foundation which supports individuals and organisations working on problems related to climate change. The foundation has committed a $100 million fund for funding projects and start-ups related to climate change.

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