Who Is Savitha Sastry? Dancer, Choreographer Starring In Short Film 'Colors: White'

Dancer and choreographer Savitha Sastry released a short film Colors: White. The film uses dance as the narrative to describe her journey.

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Savitha Sastry
Dancer and choreographer Savitha Sastry released the short film Colors: White on YouTube. The short film is the second part of the Colors Trilogy and uses dance as a form of narrative. The short film is choreographed and performed by Sastry.

Colors: White was written and directed by Savitha Sastry’s husband AK Srikanth. The first part of the trilogy Colors: Green was released in September 2020. The trilogy is based on the colours of the Indian flag and explores the ideals each colour represents. Sastry said that Colors: Green focused on prosperity and freedom and Colors: White focused on peace and truth. The upcoming Colors: Saffron is set to release in 2021 and will be the final part of the trilogy.

Who Is Savitha Sastry?

  1. Savitha Sastry is a dancer and choreographer who is a Bharatanatya exponent. She is known for using Bharatanatyam to showcase production based on novel stories instead of mythology or religion.
  2. Sastry began working on theme-based productions by 2009. Some of her productions include Soul Cages, Chains: Love Stories of Shadows, and Music Within.
  3. Her productions are based on short stories written by her AK Srikanth. The soundtrack for her productions is composed by Rajkumar Bharati.
  4. Sastry and Srikanth have been releasing their productions for free on digital platforms since 2018. The Descent was the first short film they released and was awarded several awards.
  5. In 2020, Savitha Sastry released the first film of the Colors Trilogy, Colors: Green. The short film choreographed and performed by Sastry was nominated for 12 awards across film festivals and won two of them.
  6. Sastry released the second film in the trilogy, Colors: White in April 2021. She described it as her “autobiography”. The film follows her journey from being a traditional Bharatanatyam dancer to someone who merged contemporary dance with traditional.
  7. Sastry’s Colors: White received several nominations at film festivals and has won two awards so far.

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