Who Is Sanjal Gavande? Engineer From Mumbai Who Built Jeff Bezos’ Spacecraft

Who Is Sanjal Gavande
Who Is Sanjal Gavande?: She is a 30-year-old system engineer at Blue Origin, a space venture by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. On July 20, Bezos is going to go on a space trip in Blue Origin’s New Shepard, a rocket system built by Sanjal Gavande and others on the team.

While speaking to Time of India about her achievement, Gavande said, “I am really happy that my childhood dream is about to come true. I am proud to be a part of Team Blue Origin.”

Here’s how Sanjal Gavande made it to Blue Origin and became part of the spacecraft building team:

  • After graduating from Mumbai University in Mechanical Engineering in 2011, Gavande got enrolled in Michigan Technological University.
  • As per reports, she finished her degree with a first-class in 2013.
  • Sanjal Gavande took a job at Mercury Marine in Fon du Lac in Wisconsin and continued to work there for two years.
  • She then worked for Toyota Racing Development in California that was not the only thing she was doing.
  • While working at Toyota, Gavande used to take flying lessons and was able to get her pilot license in June 2016.
  • Her eyes set on the price, she applied for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) but according to some issues with her citizenship, she could not get in, as per her mother.
  • Then she applied for a job at Blue Origin and was hired for the post of the systems engineer.
  • She became part of the team which built one of the most vital discoveries in space tourism, the New Shepard which is an unmanned suborbital flight.
  • Sanjal Gavande belongs to Kalyan in Mumbai. Her father is a retired officer of Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation and her mother is a retired MTNL employee.
  • Her mother told TOI that Gavande has been interested in space since her childhood.

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