Who Is Rigzin Chorol? First Female Indian Army Officer From Ladakh

Who Is Rigzin Chorol
Rigzin Chorol became the first female officer in the Indian Army from the Ladakh region. She fulfilled her late husband’s dream after training for 11 months in the Officers’ Training Academy.

The mother held her son during the ceremony and revealed that she had fulfilled Rigzin Khanadap, her husband’s dream of her becoming an officer in the Indian Army. Chorol’s late husband was a rifleman in the Zedang Sumpa battalion of Ladakh Scouts and lost his life in the line of duty.

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Who Is Rigzin Chorol?

  • Rigzin Chorol is an economics graduate who aimed to become an Indian Army officer to fulfil her late husband’s will.
  • She became the first female officer of the Indian Army from the Ladakh region.
  • Chorol said, “My husband was in the Ladakh Scouts and wanted to be an Army officer. I wanted to join the Army after the tragedy because he wanted me to join the army.” She added that becoming an officer of the Indian Army was like “realising his dream”.
  • Chorol was among the 151 male cadets and 35 female cadets who passed out of the Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai.
  • Teacher turned officer Harveen Kaur Kahlon was among the cadets who passed out of the OTA after her husband Captain Kanwalpal Singh Kahlon passed away.
  • The newly commissioned officer of the Indian Army spoke about how due to training, she missed 11 months of her son’s childhood. Chorol said, “I am sure that my husband will be proud”.
  • She added that she wanted to join the army and provide her child with a proud environment.
  • One of the social media for the Army corps was posted congratulated Chorol when they learned she planned on joining the Indian Army.
  • The social media account posted, “We congratulate Mrs Rigzin Chorol (#VeerNari of Rfn Rigzin Khandap) of ZedangSumpaBattalion, who has become an example of determination in Ladakh.”
  • The account described her as “an example of determination in Ladakh” and called her the “first Ladakhi woman officer” of the Indian Army.