Who Is Rehana Shaikh? Police Felicitated For COVID-19 Relief Work

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Rehana Shaikh is a police officer who actively helped people with supplies of oxygen, plasma, blood and beds during the peak of Covid-19 in Mumbai which made her earn the title of ‘Mother Teresa’ by her partner and colleagues.

Along with a police officer, Shaikh is also a social worker and an athlete who made headlines for her notable works throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Is Rehana Shaikh?

The 40-year-old, a police officer by profession, is called a social worker because of her selfless acts towards those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the same, she was awarded a certificate of excellence, according to reports. Her efforts were recognised by police commissioner Hemant Nagrale.

Shaikh, who joined the police force as a constable in 2000, is also a volleyball player and an athlete. When her force organised a competition in Sri Lanka, she bagged silver and gold medals in 2017.

Along with awards and certificates, she was also awarded the title of “Mother Teresa” as she took upon herself the responsibility of providing for 50 school children till they reach class 10.

Moreover, she has also reportedly contributed to COVID-19 relief by providing resources like medical oxygen, plasma, blood and beds to those in need.

A national daily quoted her stating that her fight as a social worker during COVID-19 began when she visited Dnyani school in Raigad’s Waje taluka when she was about to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. After speaking to the principal of the school, she learnt that most of the kids from the school come from poor backgrounds who didn’t even have footwear.

Following the incident, she saved the money instead of spending it on her daughter’s birthday celebration and shopped for the school children instead. “We used up the money saved for my daughter’s birthday and Eid shopping to help them,” she said.

In another incident, Shaikh arranged crucial medical aid after making a few calls for a senior citizen who was suffering from COVID-19 when she got a call for help from the son of the woman. After this incident, she actively started helping other COVID patients, according to reports.