Who is Professor Poonam Jatav and Why is She Trending?

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Poonam Jatav is a professor of physical education in MD University in Rohtak.

“I am being physically and mentally abused,” Jatav has about her treatment at the University by fellow staff.

In videos, which are now on social media, the young professor complained about ill-treatment and physical assault.

She has accused the head of the department in the University’s physical education department. Additionally, in the video, she says, “mujhe ghaseet ke security se pitwaate hain (I am dragged and beaten up by the security)”.

SheThePeople has not received a formal reaction from the University on the matter and couldn’t independently verify Jatav’s claims. The below video was put out by BM News which covers specific news on Dalit and Bahujan stories. Jatav has claimed the assault on her was caste-based.

Jatav in the video clip, goes on to add, that the University is interfering with her salary payouts as well.