Mohinder K Midha Becomes The First Dalit Woman Mayor In London Council

mohinder k midha
Mohinder K Midha wrote history after becoming the first Dalit woman mayor in the United Kingdom. The Indian-origin politician is a leader of the opposition party UK Labour Party. Midha has been elected as the Mayor of Ealing Council in west London. She has been elected for the term of 2022 and 2023 at a council meeting yesterday.

In a statement on Midha’s victory, the Labour Party in Ealing stated, “We are so proud that Cllr Mohinder Midha has been elected Mayor of Ealing for the next year.” This moment has also been celebrated by the British Dalit community.

The Chair of the Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organisation (FABO) in the UK, which is the group that represents the rights of Dalits, Santosh Sass said, “The first-ever Dalit woman mayor in the UK. A proud moment for us.” According to the Who Can I Vote for UK website, she received 2, 272 votes.

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Mohinder K Midha

Midha has been re-elected as a Labour councillor for the Dormers Wells ward in the Ealing Council in May 5 elections. Before this, she was serving as the Deputy Mayor for the council.

A part of the manifesto that she campaigned on for the election stated that if elected she will handle issues like cost of living, post-pandemic recovery, violent crimes and anti-social behaviour. “Fixing social care. Re-growing, rewilding and recycling, delivering more genuinely affordable homes,” the manifesto also stated.

Ealing London Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Ealing in Greater London, England. It is one of the 32 borough councils in the United Kingdom’s capital city London.

According to the Ealing Council website, it has 69 councillors and is Labour controlled. It has 57 Labour councillors, 8 Conservative and 4 liberal Democrat. The Council has ten members, which includes the leader of the council Peter Mason, and deputy leader Deirdre Costigan. Each of the members has responsibility for specific areas and is accountable for the council’s everyday decision making.

The role of which includes initiating policy, making decisions and implementing it, being a spokesperson of the council, sharing collective decision making responsibility and developing partnerships in the borough.

Feature Image Credit: News 18

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