Who Is Mahima Datla? Woman Behind India’s Vaccine Corbevax

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Mahima Datla: While the country is facing a crisis of availability of vaccines, a Hyderabad woman made headlines for discovering the country’s first low-cost vaccine Corbevax.

India has already placed an order of 300 million doses of Corbevax, manufactured by Hyderabad-based Biological E.

Among all other perks of the vaccine, the most significant feature being the cheapness, the vaccine is proven to have no adverse effect on the human body as the protein unit of the vaccine is allowed to interact with the cells in the body to generate an immune response, without containing the virus itself, as per reports.

Who Is Mahima Datla, Maker Of Corbevax?

Although she never planned on joining the company, she has contributed majorly in the helming process of not only Corbevax but other vaccines and treatments too. In an article by a leading daily, the 43-year-old medical director revealed her only motivation for joining the Pharma giant was the company’s aim to provide life-saving medicines and vaccines in the poorest parts of the world

Datla holds a degree in Business Administration from the notable Webster University, UK and later, she joined her family business, the cause of which she claimed to be “looking good on the resume”.

In the said interview Datla said, “I didn’t even have a clue about what our business was, because it wasn’t a preset idea that I would graduate and join it. I stayed back because it would look good on my resume.”

Datla has made major contributions to the Hyderabad based pharmaceutical, for an instance, she contributed to raising her company’s revenue concerning vaccines from 10% to 80% within a time span of 20 years and now it is the pioneer company that supplies several essential and life-saving vaccines and medicines to global markets.

Corbevax has been approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) to begin the third phase of trials after intensive research since November 2020.