Who Is Godavari Thapli? Congress Candidate From Mussoorie

godavari thapli
Godavari Thapli is the face of Congress from the Mussoorie Assembly Seat in the upcoming elections. The candidate is facing the resistance of the competitors including her cousin and BJP member, Kalpana Gurung, who is also campaigning against her.

Godavari is all set for the upcoming Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Elections 2022 as a candidate from the Mussoorie constituency. While she is competing against a bunch of strong contenders, she is also facing resistance from her own cousin sister, Kalpana Gurung. Gurung is a BJP member and is currently campaigning for a BJP candidate from the same constituency, Ganesh Joshi and is giving good competition to Godavari.

Godavari Thapli Faces Resistance From Her Own Cousin Kalpana Gurung

Kalpana Gurung has now joined BJP and is currently campaigning against her cousin and Congress’s candidate from Mussoorie constituency, Godavari. She apparently joined BJP as she was attracted by the party’s ideologies, PM Narendra Modi’s efforts and also Ganesh Joshi, current MLA and BJP candidate from Mussoorie for Uttarakahnd Elections 2022, who has done remarkable work in the constituency.

Kalpana said that Ganesh Joshi is a mass leader who treats opinions of men and women equally whereas in Congress, women’s opinions hardly matters. “Congress Party has used women as merely a vote bank and has done nothing for them and this is the reason why I left Congress and my sister ten days ago after serving the party for several years,” said the former Congress member. She also said that her family did not resist her decision of joining BJP in any way.

Meanwhile when Godavari addressed the matter, she said that BJP is putting her sister up for campaigning against her as the party wants to distract the public from more important issues like LPG price hike and unemployment. She said that it is a tactic that the party is applying as it can clearly see its potential loss in the elections this year. She says that she will give a ‘befitting reply’ to anyone who campaigns against her, even if it is her sister.

The banters between the cousins is the current highlight of the Mussoorie Assembly seat. The public will choose the best one among the others on election day that will be held on February 14 and the result of who wins among the cousins will come out on March 10.

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