Who Is Constable Priyanka Mishra? UP Officer’s Viral Gun Stunt Video Stirs Controversy

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Who is constable Priyanka Mishra: The video of a female constable from Uttar Pradesh, which shows her in uniform, flaunting a revolver and lip-syncing to dialogues, is going viral on social media. It has sparked controversy and reportedly led to the constable being sent to police lines. A probe into the incident has been ordered.

The woman, identified as Priyanka Mishra, is a regular social media user and often posts similar content and photos of herself, according to reports. A trainee constable in Agra, she shot her latest video in the police storeroom and violated the code of conduct, senior officers said.

“Haryana, Punjab toh bekaar hi badnaam hai, aao kabhi Uttar Pradesh mein – rangbaazi kya hoti hai, hum tumhe batate hain,” Mishra mouths along to background audio in the viral video.

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Senior Superintendent Muniraj G said being a trainee constable, Mishra hadn’t yet been allotted a service revolver. On his direction, Agra police have begun a departmental inquiry into the episode. More on the controversy here.

Know Who Is Constable Priyanka Mishra And Why She Is Drawing Flak

After the video of her flaunting her gun went viral online, netizens called out the alleged unprofessionalism Mishra displayed on duty and the kind of message she was giving out through the dialogue she was lip-syncing to.

Some Twitter users further claimed the speech in the 30-second clip was encouraging violence in UP, which is among the top states in India where the crime rate is highest.

Mishra’s controversy is one in a string of several similar cases that have come to light in recent times. In June this year, a female head constable and her male colleague faced action for shooting and sharing TikTok videos while on duty in Delhi. More here. In 2019, another video of two female cops on duty in a VIP zone making selfie videos in Lutyen’s Delhi had prompted wide reaction from citizens.

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