Who is Afreen Fatima? Activist’s House Knocked Down By UP Administration

Who is Afreen Fatima
Who is Afreen Fatima? On Saturday June 11, the residence of, activist Afreen Fatima’s father Javed Mohammad, who is also a leader of the Welfare Party of India was demolished to the ground by authorities, who claimed illegal construction on government land. The police also accused him of being the mastermind and perpetrator of violence in the Prayagraj district, Uttar Pradesh.

Who is Afreen Fatima? All The Details Amid Controversy

Afreen Fatima and her father Javed Mohammad have been prominent faces in the anti-CAA protests. Javed has been accused of being the key conspirator of violence by the Uttar Pradesh police and was taken into custody from his Kareli-based residence on Friday before his residence was demolished on Sunday. Along with him his wife Parveen and daughter Afreen were also detained by the police.

Javed Mohammad has been accused by the police of being the mastermind behind Friday’s protest against BJP leader Nupur Sharma, after her controversial remarks on the Prophet Muhammad. Afreen’s Brother Umam Javed revealed– “A team of different officials reached us again tonight (June 11). They harassed us and warned us to leave our homes immediately. We have been told that they will be back at 2 am to get us to empty our home.”

The situation is tense in Uttar Pradesh ever since derogatory remarks were made by BJP officials including Nupur Sharma, against Prophet Muhammad. Amid these protests, officials have brought in bulldozers and torn down houses in Prayagraj and Saharanpur. Javed Mohammed father of Afreen Fatima’s house has also been leveled to the ground amid controversy. Protests have been reported from around 14 states across India. Reports suggest that Police have now arrested more than 400 people in relation to the protests from across Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Jharkhand.

Student activist Afreen Fatima on June 11, had taken to social media, appealing to the National Commission of Women to look into safety concerns regarding her family. She has previously said, “Essentially, it meant that if anything was to happen in the city, my father would be held responsible for abetting it.” Afreen Fatima has been a prominent face in the Anti-CAA/ NRC protests ever since 2019. During her M.A in Linguistics at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) she has also served as the president of the students union of Women’s College, in the Aligarh Muslim University. A prominent face in anti-government protests, she was seen in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh area protests, which lasted months. She has also been vocal about the hijab ban controversy and other issues faced by the women of the Muslim community.

Reports claim that Fatima organised a protest against the hijab ban in Prayagraj along with  300 women. Along with students of JNU standing in support of Afreen Fatima, she has now gained subsequent support on social media platforms.#IStandWithAfreenFatima is trending on Twitter ever since the news of the demolition of her house surfaced on the internet.

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