Who Are The Women Who Support Trump?

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A recent episode in the sitcom 'New Girl' showed the main character trying to convince a group of sorority girls, whom she assumes are pro-Hillary Clinton, to register to vote. In a hilarious turn of events, she finds out that they are all ‘voting for the D’ just as they are on their way to the Clinton campaign office.


Most women are taking a stand against the Republican candidate for US President. After a ">defamatory video showed a boastful Donald Trump talking about how he had forced himself on women, the internet has been awash with stories from other women with whom he has behaved badly.

Support for Trump has reduced. Recent polls show that 61 per cent of women voters say they would vote for Clinton. However, we can’t forget that 28 per cent of women voters will surprisingly still vote for him.

Like Trump himself, they are ready to dismiss his statements as ‘locker room banter’ and insist that he is not as bad as Hillary.

CNN recently interviewed some women who support Trump, and here are some of their perspectives.

“The word is a little derogatory. If he had said it, I wish he had said it a different way, but you know what? He wasn't saying it to females, he was saying it to men,” said Amy Hillock.

One woman said that he was being a man in a man’s world, talking to men.


“It doesn’t really say anything about him or what he believes in,” another woman chimed in.

All of them agreed that this was a minor issue and that he is respectful of women. Amy Hillock said “you can’t raise daughters like he has raised if you can’t be respectful of women.”

In a recent interview with Telegraph, the socialite founder of the organization Trumpettes USA, Toni Holt Kramer, said that rejecting Donald Trump as president because he wants to ‘bang a lady’ will not solve America’s problems.

These women say that they would rather focus on Trump’s policies of defeating ISIS, and border security.

There are many women’s groups on Twitter, like Women for Trump, and Females 4 Trump who are outspoken in their support for the Republican candidate and who assert that the issues they believe in are not gender-specific. They say that they are 'comfortable enough in their own skin to support him.'

“This decision is not easy but for some but it is the right decision, and when has the right decision been an easy decision? So my decision is based on my love for my county and my country,” said MaryEllen Odell.


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