Where is the Sharad Yadav-ban?

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Indian politicians aren’t exactly known for using their better judgment when it comes to making or supporting sexist remarks. Recently, during a debate on the Insurance Bill in the Parliament, Sharad Yadav, Janata Dal (United) Rajya Sabha MP, decided to talk about Indian women’s skin colour, while he was talking about our nation’s attraction with everything foreign.


Yadav said, “South ki mahila jitni khoobsurat hoti hai utna uska body poora dekne mein (hand moving in revolving motions)…. Woh nritya jaanti hai (Just as beautiful as South Indian women are, there is something about seeing their entire bodies. They know dancing),” he said, according to a report by FirstPost. He also said that he believes Leslee Udwin (the British filmmaker who made the gang-rape documentary, ‘India’s Daughter’) managed to interview the rapists because she is white-skinned.


DMK’s Kanimozhi was the only individual to protest, but wasn’t paid any heed to. She later told Times of India, “When I protested people tried to pacify me saying it was a compliment. It is not right… hearing a senior politician utter it is shocking… It’s not about south Indian women. It’s about women in general. They are not products. You can’t say south Indian women are dark and men prefer fair women.” She added, “You can’t quote literature and justify. Women might have been treated differently centuries ago. We can’t go back to sati system and justify it.”


Kanimozhi Picture By: Live Mint

Picture By: Live Mint

Even after all the criticism and backlash he faced on social media, Yadav feels unapologetic. The only apology that came was from Party leader KC Tyagi, who said: “If his comments have hurt anyone I want to apologize. But Sharad Yadav only spoke as a father figure… even so if anyone is hurt I say sorry with folded hands.”


After all the protests, discussions and government promises, the politicians in our country continue to talk this way. Since our government is so concerned with the country’s image being hampered by sexist remarks, shouldn’t there now be a Sharad Yadav ban?


[Featured Picture Courtesy: Jain Tv]