Whatsapp messenger launched a beta version of its new video calling feature from India on November 15, and its billion plus users worldwide are excited.

Here’s what to know about Whatsapp’s new move:

 1. You can get Whatsapp video call by simply upgrading your app from the respective app store. Once downloaded, there will be video icon on the top right corner of your chat, and you can click it to make your video call.

2. Like its chats, Whatsapp’s video calls are also encrypted end to end

3. The quality of the video adjusts depending on network speed and quality

4. Just like with Whatsapp voice call, you can minimise the video call window to do other things on your phone, without having to fear that your video call will get disconnected.

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5. Video call is clubbed with other call data under one tab in the Data Usage section.

6. An Indian engineer, Manpreet Singh, was in charge of the project! And he paid attention to what Indian users may need while building the product.

“We have consciously tested the product across a wide variety of beta testers in India. WhatsApp enjoys patronage from more than 160 million monthly active users in India and that is the highest from any one country,” he says. 

7.  Finally do not fall prey to fake video calling invitations that have been doing the rounds. You do not have to click on any kind of link to activate your call. Just update your app!

8. By the way it has also released new features to its camera section. Users can now write, draw and add emojis to photos and videos they send on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp new picture features
Source: Whatsapp

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Now we will have to wait and see how Whatsapp’s new video feature impacts other video calling apps such as Facetime and Skype.