What if Sita did sleep with Ravana?

So I gathered the women I knew and whom they knew. I asked these women if they would like to talk.

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The brutal rape of a girl in Delhi shook the entire nation. It was as if rape was happening for the first time. It became a coffee shop discussion where it was condemned!! We were as helpless then as we are now, as we have always been since centuries and as we will always be for the rest of the centuries till the time the Sun engulfs the Earth.


This is the world we have created and embedded in our culture.

I wanted to get the perspective of what women < independent women> think about rape and is rape something alien, and happens in remote corners to remote people.

So I gathered  the women I knew and whom they knew. I asked these women if they would like to talk. And they were all educated, earning well, being brought up well, they had so much to say. They quickly agreed. I am thankful to them.

The questions were put to them and they spoke with a lot of anger and passion. They were as if unleashed!!

So as these women talk, we see a connectivity ofRape being an outward manifestation of something that is deeply ingrained in our system< man & woman>and that is the oppression against women from dowry demands, to marital rape, to what the mythology has written, to preferring a son…it is much deeper. Because people think it is OK to treat women like is OK to put all those biases against her....and because these things exist and make women weaker, some men think it is OK to rape a women- almost like it is the right of a man to rape a woman!

And women are OK being quiet and accepting about it, even the independent educated ones. Women have become so used to succumbing, that it has become a part of their demeanor. Some of them even use it as a tool to move forward. And this is so terribly unfortunate and sad because that is the kind of legacy we will leave behind.


Recently a new age person told me that he would marry a virgin girl and even test her virginity before doing that!!

2000 years ago, Ram left Sita.Did he think that she slept with Ravana and have an illicit relationship with him or did he think that she was raped by Ravana?

Will the new age progressive Ram think any different?

What if Sita did sleep with Ravana?

Would our world be any different then.



Suchita Bhhatia


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